We believe that the Bible is the inspired error-free, living and powerful Word of God.

We believe in the Holy Trinity - one God in three distinct Persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe that it is truly Christian to confess the Creeds which express the truths of God in concise form. These are The Athanasian, The Nicene and The Apostles. We believe that all people, including infants, are to be baptized.

We believe that Holy Baptism indeed has power to save, as the Bible clearly teaches.

We believe that Christ is really and truly present "in, with, and under" the simple bread and wine of Holy Communion in a miraculous, supernatural, and sacramental manner. Because the Bible teaches that improper reception of the Body and Blood of Christ can have devastating consequences, we practice Closed Communion. We invite non-members to inquire further regarding this Biblical practice.

We believe that the Church as Pastor and people gathered around the Word and Sacrament is to proclaim to each other and to the world the Gospel of forgiveness of sins through faith in Christ Jesus. Therefore we hold regular services on Sundays, during Advent and Lent, and other special days, and we send our offerings through LCMS district and national organizations in support of mission efforts both at home and abroad.

We believe that Christian Education is extremely important. Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, and Sunday morning Adult Bible Classes are offered, as well as special adult instruction and occasional topical Bible Studies during the week.

We believe that God is the giver of all that we are and have. As a Bible believing congregation, we seek to "give as we have been given" in all areas of our lives. We believe in the Biblical teaching of "first-fruits, percentage giving" in the area of financial support of the Kingdom, and in good stewardship and proper use of our gifts and talents.

We believe that the Christian life is lived in daily repentance and faith.

We believe that prayer is the faithful activity of Christ's redeemed people and that all prayers prayed in faith and according to God's will are answered.